Covered by the Blood

God allowed plagues in the bible for different reasons.  Because His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways, we can only imagine the purpose for them.  Could it be a message for the church to wake up to repentance so He can heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14)? The world is seeking healing.

Just knowing that we are covered by the Blood of Jesus as we come and go, whether it’s work, grocery shopping, or attending an important appointment.  We walk out of our homes in confidence that no plague will touch us because the Blood of Jesus is covering our doorposts.  Just knowing that God is protecting us should give us a sense of “personal peace.”  Exodus 12:7, 13-14 gives us a clear picture of God’s promise of protection when world plagues come to destroy anyone in its path. If you are not in the arch of safety…covered by the Blood of Jesus, you should be worried.

“7 And they shall take of the blood, and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the houses, wherein they shall eat it.

13 And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt.

14 And this day shall be unto you for a memorial; and ye shall keep it a feast to the Lord throughout your generations; ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever” (Exodus 12:7, 13-14, KJV).

God’s word continues to soothe us in Psalms 91:9-11 (KJV).

“9 Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;

10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”

It’s the hope we have in Christ Jesus which gives us a calm spirit when the world is in this current uproar.  These are praying times and we must seek God for comfort, strength, and resiliency to conquer our daily tasks. As mentioned above, if you do not have the assurance of your covering, make the choice today to receive salvation already purchased at the cross.

In addition to being confident of God’s covering, this is how I am surviving in this world of chaos – just humming this simple song of prayer sets the tone when I need solace.  I first heard it in our local church sung by the late Mother Harriet Coates, wife of the late Assistance Pastor, Elder Zachariah Coates.

“Personal peace that’s what God gave to me.
Personal peace, so rich so full and free.
In a world of toil and strife, I have peace and I have life.
If you believe you too can receive God’s personal peace.”

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Florence R. Smith
Florence R. Smith is a self-motivated professional skilled in directing and organizing tasks to achieve overall mission objectives. She has been employed with the Federal Government since December 2004. She serves in many capacities within the Gospel Spreading Church of God. Florence has a Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters in Technology Management, both from University of Maryland University College; and a Master of Strategic Studies Degree from the U.S. Army War College. She is a published author and owner of Teachable Moments Press, a Christian publishing company. A woman with a message of hope, encouragement, and inspiration, Florence will leave you motivated and inspired in fulfilling your purpose!
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