Are Our Children Emotionless to World Chaos?


When I originally started preparation for this article, I had planned to approach this subject from one specific angle. However, the events of May 25, 2020, presented another dynamic to this subject matter. Are our children emotionless to world chaos? In a nutshell, no. Our children experience more emotions than we would care to admit. We have been told that children are resilient, they will bounce back. Our current world has shown that this theory does not hold true for many. The emotionally damaged adults of today are the emotionally damaged children of yesterday. Before we address the impact of the current hostile climate in our country today, let us consider our past.

Adults…children have always been taught to trust adults. We can safely say that oftentimes the trust that was given, was undeserved and abused. More and more adults are coming forth with stories of childhood trauma that is hindering who they are trying to become as adults. Fear, Anxiety, Anger, Worry, Rage are all being cultivated by the very individuals that children are directed to rely on. Due to the abuse of some, a blockade has been put up to stop the love flow of others. To show healthy affection to children that are not your children is now seen as dirty, suspicious, and sometimes criminal. This leaves children experiencing negative emotions, without having the healing balm of love. The lack of love breeds distrust. A hug of love can heal the hurt of abuse. A term of endearment can melt the coldest of hearts. The display of true, pure love and concern can open the door to the heart of those who have attempted to shield themselves from a world that can seem so cold. Those who would give this love are afraid. Will I be charged with child abuse? Will this be taken out of context? Should I take the chance and comfort this troubled heart? Are our children emotionless? No, that emotion is anxiety.

Now we have COVID-19. We are now told to push the children even further away. STOP, they may be a carrier. STOP, they may be infected. Those kids that do not get the hugs at home, can no longer get that hug from the teacher who was willing to take the risk and give that hug. News reports of people dying by the hand of an unseen enemy permeate the airwaves. The arguing of doctors, politicians, and the like bring confusion and chaos. Is it a plandemic or a pandemic? Where do they turn? Whose shoulder can they cry on? Will I grow up? Will my family survive this economic collapse? Questions are swirling in their minds. Are our children emotionless? No, that emotion is fear.

A generation that has been marginalized, misunderstood, and neglected has had to witness injustice in real-time; and now they are becoming adults. Thanks to social media, all of the abuse, all of the injustices are before them every day. Drug infested neighborhoods, absentee parents, abuse of authority, societal evils all contribute to what type of adults our children become. We see a generation who seem to have a total disregard for life. Gang wars, turf wars, mob beatings, bullying, killings over petty differences. We shake our heads and call them thugs. We call them ruthless, we call them evil. George Floyd. Eric Garner. Trayvon Martin. Breonna Taylor. Tear gas, rubber bullets, looting, and destruction. Are our children emotionless? No, that emotion is anger.  

As the world continues on and evil waxes worse, our children have and will continue to endure the atrocities that come from sin. They have attempted to shelter their inner selves from the mess that has been made. They lash out in various forms in an effort to protect themselves. This is a systematic plot of the enemy of our souls to harden the hearts of our children. They need love. I would not dare end this article without stating that Jesus is still the answer for what ails our children. Those who have healthy options for dealing with everyday stresses of life, must not forget those who feel alone in this world. We who are of the Body of Christ have got to seek the face of God. We need to inquire of God for how He would have us show the love of Christ to children in particular and the world at large. Are our children emotionless? Not at all. But let’s make it our business to ensure that they experience LOVE. The love of Christ can heal that fear, unhealthy anger, anxiety, guilt, and all those other emotions generated by world events. Go out and love on a child today.

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Rhonda L. Smith

Rhonda L. Smith

Currently Rhonda is a member of High Calling Ministries under the Pastoral Leadership of Pastor George W. Hawkins, Jr. There she serves as the Lead Instructor for the Ministers In Training Program (Phase I), and Intercessory Prayer Team Member. Prior to attending High Calling, Rhonda served for 17 years at Hope Church of God in Washington, DC under the leadership of Bishop Samuel L. McPherson, Sr. While at Hope Rhonda served as the Director of Youth Ministries. Rhonda was also the Youth Bible Study teacher and headed various evangelistic outreach activities. Rhonda graduated from Peirce College with an Associate in Paralegal Studies; Liberty University with a Bachelor in Religion; and is currently pursuing her Master in Religious Education from Liberty University. She has been employed at the University of Maryland for 20 years. Rhonda is a strong proponent of Godly entertainment. She strongly believes that what we feed the inner man, will manifest in the outer man.
Rhonda L. Smith

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