Our Mission

TM Magazine is the definitive digital magazine that invites readers to seek God in the midst of daily life by making timely connections with life’s experiences.


Teachable Moments Magazine is a Christian publication where life’s lessons and ingenuity collide. As the connection link to life’s lessons, TM Magazine serves up fresh, stimulating and uplifting articles and information to a dedicated readership of influential bloggers, educators, ministers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and college students of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.  These articles and information will leave readers captivated with thoughts to ponder and yearning for more.

TM Magazine will highlight subject matter experts who are stand-outs in their field, focusing on advice, tips, spiritual guidance, strategies, technologies and tools readers can use to reach their full potential and grasp a higher level of Excellence!

Submission Guidelines

Publication Date       Entry Deadline

  • March 15th          ~ February 28th
  • June 15th              ~ May 20th
  • September 15th  ~ August 20th
  • December 15th   ~ November 20th

Please submit original content. Plagiarism is strictly impermissible. TM Magazine retains first publication rights and the right to reuse or modify content.

As a guest contributor, content submissions are unpaid. Writers and experts will benefit from attribution, maximized exposure to our global readership and a backlink to their own site. Please read our Terms of Service and Guest Contributor Agreement before submitting material.

All submissions should be/include:

  • Submitted in their entirety; between 250 and 1,000 words, exceptions for poetry.
  • Typed into email or attached as Microsoft® Word documents; please use a standard font such as Arial or Times Roman with a font size of 12.
  • Unique, fresh, creative, timely, and relevant; narrative-like, news or opinion.
  • Correct in spelling and grammar.
  • Evidential of sources (e.g. quotations, references, links).
  • High resolution headshot of the contributor; brief bio (one paragraph). You may include a link to your company website, blog or preferred social network.
  • Include images (300 DPI) and videos if possible. Supported image types: .jpg .gif .png .bmp (publicly available or personal images to avoid copyright infringement)
  • Biblical Quotations
    1. Quotations of verses should be taken from the King James Version of the Bible; otherwise, cite that version following the reference. E.g. “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (Jn 14:15, RSV)
    2. Quote the portion exactly as it appears, including the wording, punctuation and capitalization as given.
    3. Bible references should appear in brackets, with the name of the book abbreviated and a colon between chapter and verse. Separate two or more references with a semicolon. E.g. (Rom 3:23) (Isa 9:11-15,25-28) (Jn 10:10; Mat 3:18)

You are welcome to promote your articles to your Facebook fans, Instagram or Twitter followers and Google+ circles.


Below is a listing of potential topics/categories for which you can submit an article or video presentation.

  1. My Teachable Moment (Every day is a new opportunity to experience something new. No matter what life throws at you, always find that teachable moment. So, tell us… what is life teaching you?)
  2. Poetry (Author-inspired and written)
  3. Education (Biblical/Academic/Health/Mental Health/Aging/Technology)
  4. Entrepreneurship (Fresh, provocative and insightful best practices, tips, tools and strategies and perspectives about the world of entrepreneurship)
  5. Leadership (Energizing strategies: Biblical/Academic/Technology/Business)
  6. Marriage Still Rocks (Encouragement, tips and tools to preserving the holy matrimony)
  7. Parenting (We Are the Village)
  8. Young Adult Link (Issues, guidance, tips and news affecting youth and college students)
  9. ChurchTalk (Inspirational; Spiritual disciplines; relationship with God, others and the Church; sacrificial living; spiritual impact; worship)
  10. Legal Lessons Learned (L3…keep us informed and out of trouble)
  11. Breaking News (Happening Now or in the Future; New and upcoming trends and world events appropriate for this venue)
  12. Finances (Empowering tips and guidance to help us with our money)

We love images and videos. Every article on TM Magazine contains one or the other, so don’t be afraid to include them. You can attach an image or video file to you email submission. If the video has an embed code, paste the code in the content (preferably YouTube format).  (Only submit publicly available or personal images to avoid copyright infringement.)

All submissions should have “Article Submission” in the subject line and be emailed to:  editor@teachablemomentspress.com

May the Spirit of God endow you with wisdom and inspiration as you write.