Slow Down and LIVE…

We’re busy. We always have something going on; something to do or somewhere to be. We are constantly bombarded with responsibilities at home, on the job, at the church or in the community. We often find there are more things on our To Do list than the day will allow.

The Dress

The Dress I’m clothed in beauty, like the first woman Eve. I’m clothed in sorrow, like Hanna unable to conceive. I’m clothed in determination, like Esther who went to see the King. I’m clothed in meekness, like Ruth to her mother-in-law did cling. I’m clothed in wisdom, like Deborah the prophetess and judge.

Praising God in Tragedy

When I was a young lawyer, I represented abused children in the foster care system.  Many of these children were the child victims of rape, incest, physical abuse and neglect. One day, I was interviewing my child-client when she started to cry.  I asked her, “why are you crying?’  She responded,