A Genuine Climate Change... This week has sent the nation into areas we’ve never traveled before. Uncharted territory is what many have been saying. People aren’t allowed to go to work and are being asked to stay at home. Malls, movie theaters, and restaurants are closing their doors. But what

Does Out of Sight Really Mean Out of Mind?

Self-Care is Important!___ Society has suggested and even programmed today’s Millennials to believe that something out of sight means that it is also out of mind- which is not a HEALTHY mentality to adopt. In my personal research and experience, I have found this statement to be enabling further mental


Climate Change__ As we encounter various climate changes in our current environment, what do they mean?  We also experience climate changes in our lives and workplace – how do we recognize and cope with them? This theme for March was developed before the outbreak of this current pandemic.  I believe God’s divine purpose for this platform was