Climate Change__

As we encounter various climate changes in our current environment, what do they mean?  We also experience climate changes in our lives and workplace – how do we recognize and cope with them?

This theme for March was developed before the outbreak of this current pandemic.  I believe God’s divine purpose for this platform was to deliver encouragement, guidance, and transparency to those who are going through a difficult time with the “climate change” happening in their lives.  For updates and encouragement, visit the Coronavirus article.

For this quarter’s Edition, we are excited to welcome our newest author to the team, Jasmine Merrill!  

Here is our line up for March:

Faythe K. Daniels ~ examines a real climate change: “Students and parents have now been thrown into the world of homeschooling…” She provides full transparency as she divulges her family’s experiences with the first week of homeschooling and a video with an assessment from the experts. 

Meechie Jefferis ~ encourages the readership to “Make the time to prepare now, stick to your plan, and you’ll be prepared to weather any storm or pandemic.”

Jasmine Merrill ~ shares “Self-Care is Important! You deserve to live a life that is free from burden, hurt and regrets. Choose today to live a better life!”

Florencia C. Robertson ~ provides her personal and professional perspective on the Coronavirus as a Frontline Healthcare worker providing occupational therapy services: “The fear that I could come in contact with the virus and inadvertently spread it to my clients is what keeps me on high alert. But when my day of protecting them ends, protecting my family then becomes priority one.”

Elder Jerry Woods ~ explains “…that there are many negative forces that we have no control over in terms of what we may be exposed to. However, how we process it, is up to us.”

If you are inspired by the expertise and guidance of our authors, please let us know by providing your comments on their articles.

May the Blood of Jesus cover you and your family and may He give you peace and assurance of His protection during these uncertain times.

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