Is There Room For Jesus?

Christmas carols playing on the radio- A festiveness is in the air. Pies are baking in the oven. Excitement is everywhere!   Smiles and hellos are readily exchanged; To total strangers whose names are unknown. Children are happy and on their best behavior Hoping for the latest trend or iPhone.   What is the reason for this jubilance? It’s Jesus! Our

Christmas Season Entertainment

Hey Guys!!!!! It’s that time of year again. For many it’s a time of much activity. There are the office parties, the family parties, the shopping, the plays, the baking and the cooking.  In the midst of the fun, it can all be…well…exhausting. But it’s still joyous nevertheless. Unfortunately for others,


The fig tree does not bud olive crop fails no grapes on the vine fields produce no food When anxiety was great within me believe in Him – rejoice – pray You are my hiding place for this is God’s will   I will be joyful in God my Savior   Make known to me the path of life mighty warrior