All I want for Christmas…is a Good Church Home

Over the course of the year, I have noticed on social media through posts and blogs that people are opting out of becoming a church member. The media does a great job of covering all the scandals within the church, ranging from pregnant women preachers to pastors who completely manipulate the congregation into feeding money in their pockets. I have read how people have had some of their worst life experiences in the church.  Somehow the church stopped being a “church” and just became a business that is willing to do and say anything just to keep the money flowing in. Unfortunately, sometimes it only takes one bad apple to spoil the rest. I find that one negative church experience can easily take away the desire to ever want to step foot in any church.

I can assure you that not every church is the same! Church, an institution which Jesus loves so deeply, is designed to assist your spiritual growth, give you a platform to serve people and community, and it assists in your journey to reach your highest potential.  I know from my amazing church experience, that I am a better person  because I have the ability to surround myself with people who are smarter, wiser, and make it their business to assist me in whatever I may need! And the best part, the pure love from the members and leadership! That’s one of the missing elements in churches today, LOVE! Love should be evident when you first enter the building, that’s how you know you are in the right place.

Attending church does not guarantee you a spot in heaven, but it allows you to stay on track and gives you the necessary tools to help you be stronger and better! If you rely only on yourself to grow spiritually, you are missing out! It’s important to understand that two is better than one and three is better than two. When you surround yourself with people who genuinely LOVE God it will completely empower you and change your life for the better! There are churches that are not just after your money, but after the change in your heart! I encourage you that if you have not committed to a church home to do so! Here are a couple things you should consider when trying to find the PERFECT church home:

  • SIZE: Before you commit to joining any church, you should have a strong idea of what size church will be best for you. Ask yourself, will I benefit spiritually from a big church or a small church?
  • TRUTH: After you attend your first service, FACT Check! Make sure the preacher is not taking the word of God out of context. Do your own research, ask questions and make sure there is alignment with their message and the word of God. Be careful to not evaluate your experience just on feelings, but facts.
  • TRANSPARENCY: You should attend a church that is transparent with how they spend their finances! Why should it be a secret? If you are tithing, you reserve the right to know how they spend it! The leadership should be willing to answer any question about how the money is being spent.
  • INVOLVEMENT: Look for opportunities to serve. Scope out the ministries to figure out how you can get involved. Don’t be afraid to ask how you can create your own ministry.
  • LOVE: You should feel loved and welcomed from the moment you walk in the door. The Spirit of God that lives in people should be full of love and kindness that it outpours.

There you have it! If you ended the 2016 year without a stable church home, you can begin your journey into 2017 by seeking God for direction and using these guidelines to find the right church home.

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Aniyah Watkins
Aniyah Watkins, is a devoted wife, servant leader and minister. She grew up in Fort Washington, MD and currently resides in Alexandria, VA with her Husband.. She serves as an Outreach Servant Leader, a Youth Servant Leader, and Minister at High Calling Ministries; Pastored by George Hawkins Jr. Aniyah is a Towson University Alum, and currently enrolled at the University of Maryland University College; She is seeking a Master’s degree in Non-Profit Management, with the hope of helping non-profit organizations create a sustainable impact in the communities they service through strategic program development. Aniyah founded Sustainable Impact Planning and Consulting, LLC earlier this year to provide non-profits with strategic recommendations to building a sustainable non-profit. Aniyah serves as the Director of Community Programs for the Human Trafficking Awareness and Advocacy Group, a small non-profit with a mission to the transform the lives of young girls through advocacy, education and empowerment. In her spare time, Aniyah enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking and binge watching! She is most compassionate about serving others.
Aniyah Watkins

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