A Visual Reaction

“I wish I could just be 20lbs thinner,” you say to yourself for the third time this week. You have been looking at the scale knowing exactly what you want the numbers say. Often times, we can visualize exactly what we want to look like. We are great at creating

“Dead Plumber Man…Well Kinda!”

(Your Guide to Advance Medical Directives) My favorite sitcom growing up was “Martin”. Starring the incomparable Martin Lawrence, the show became a classic during its five-year run. What made the show so funny was the crazy cast of characters that made an appearance, many being played by Martin himself. These characters


Summer has arrived and many of us are looking forward to traveling with our families for vacation as well as relaxing and staying home on a “staycation.”  However, as we seek to rejuvenate our physical bodies let us not forget our inward “spirit.” “And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching


“BLESSED (HAPPY, fortunate, prosperous, and enviable) is the man who walks and lives not in the counsel of the ungodly [following their advice, their plans and purposes], nor stands [submissive and inactive] in the path where sinners walk, nor sits down [to relax and rest] where the scornful [and the

When Loving You is Killing Me

As a girl, I wondered why some couples seemed so happy while others seemed to be sort of stressed out. As a casual observer, it never occurred to me how labor-intensive relationships were. As I matured I understood the dynamics of people working together in team sports and eventually in