“A Letter to the Church – Unopened”

Co-written by Ed & Shareda Rollins

Revelation 4HisWill shall I cry out…

I wrote to you my loves the sentiment of my heart. The simple indulgence of my mind, the part of me held captive as I see myself in you. But you have abandoned me, your first love and I hold this against you.

The ink is still wet from the letters I wrote urging you to listen to my cry

It’s 2017 and my biblical words appear like microfiche when held in your hand because you long for things that give your eyes a digital belly dance.

The righteous and wise among you and their conduct shall all be in the hands of God

While you dis the King James for a living translation but is my word living in you?  With eye to pad I’m still waiting for you. Did you read my letter?

Yahweh honored your cry, sent you a king without a crown nonetheless, in a position of the earths most high but you renounce God’s word as you play ghetto politics telling your friends what you’d do if the white house were given to you rather than pray he may be drawn unto me.

Simple instructions, follow my lead, disciple souls, obey my father’s word and await my return.

Yet, like infants captivated by shiny things you pull and grab then place in your mouth the costume jewelry that is sin only to choke on its allure.

Will you not remove yourselves from the fiscal cliff of shame and dishonor obtained from the lukewarm way you address the trinity…

Insanities gates have welcomed you in as you tread the spiritual roundabout like a wilderness never exiting.

Jezebel can you return the ribs for which you have stolen from the breast of mighty men.

Is the clap of hands and the sway of the dance performed in my presence not enough to entice you to praise me forever as your sovereign king.

Did you read my letter?

I shared with you great intellectual speakers, orators and teachers so your egos may be stroked even when I needed foot soldiers who would lay down those egotistic ways and proclaim my victory at Calvary so lives may be redeemed.

My words were gentle and encouraging but you exchanged my concern for the temporary fulfillment obtained from the warmth felt as you stand in the shadow of the enemies throne giving God like attention to anything you loved that week, “I love my ipad, I love my new boo, I love these new kicks and I love you”. This misplaced love causes the distance I feel for you in my heart to grow wider…

Jehovah’s temple was to be a place of healing a hospital for the soul, how can you lift your hands in praise when you hold the scalpel to your friend’s throat not Lucifer.

I have given you golden pillars and angelic stars to light your way.

I asked you to hear my cry the captivation of my heart for you.

I urged the persecuted, the compromising, the corrupt, the dead, the faithful and the warm hearted to hear me…

Did you read my letter?

If you had, then you would know that if I were capable of an agony it would be the way my own heart beats for you, if I were capable of a pain I would be pierced continually by your disdain for obedience to the prophetic, if I were willing to cry I would shed tears of sorrow as your death is worse than mine, even as his son, for I was a sacrifice and your death is a slight to his majesty.

Do you hear, 4HisWill shall I cry out.

He that has an ear let him hear what the spirit of the lord saith to the church – Revelation Chapter 2.

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Shareda M. Rollins

Shareda M. Rollins

Shareda M. Rollins is a Kansas City, MO native, educator and writer of poetic praise; poetry dedicated to life as a Christian and varied experiences with the living God and his word. Married nearly 14 years, Ed shares her kingdom mindset, love of poetic praise and he is the father of their three beautiful children; Valerie our angel who joined our Lord in heaven in 2010, Victoria our sometimes shy, always eclectic 10-year old and Vaida, our baby girl whose personality and smile are infectious and seems to be loved by all who meet her. Together, we operate a Christ-centered entertainment company (4HISWILL) that provides an audience for aspiring or seasoned artist to have a live experience to test or perfect their talents.
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