A Visual Reaction

“I wish I could just be 20lbs thinner,” you say to yourself for the third time this week. You have been looking at the scale knowing exactly what you want the numbers say. Often times, we can visualize exactly what we want to look like. We are great at creating vision boards of what our dream bodies look like, but we fail to react. Vision is about 20 percent of the work, for some it maybe the easy part. It’s easy to make the list of everything we want; the hard part is putting in the work to accomplish that vision. As quickly as we have the vision, we must be creating the action plan. Your vision should make you REACT.

Health is one aspect of our lives that we can easily visualize in our minds but we fail to develop the action plan to see it come to pass. Half the battle is researching what needs to be done the other half is getting it done. James tells us that Faith is a requirement, but without the work, it is dead.

See it, and then do it! Visualize what the healthier you looks like, and then create the action plan for it to happen!

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Aniyah Watkins
Aniyah Watkins, is a devoted wife, servant leader and minister. She grew up in Fort Washington, MD and currently resides in Alexandria, VA with her Husband.. She serves as an Outreach Servant Leader, a Youth Servant Leader, and Minister at High Calling Ministries; Pastored by George Hawkins Jr. Aniyah is a Towson University Alum, and currently enrolled at the University of Maryland University College; She is seeking a Master’s degree in Non-Profit Management, with the hope of helping non-profit organizations create a sustainable impact in the communities they service through strategic program development. Aniyah founded Sustainable Impact Planning and Consulting, LLC earlier this year to provide non-profits with strategic recommendations to building a sustainable non-profit. Aniyah serves as the Director of Community Programs for the Human Trafficking Awareness and Advocacy Group, a small non-profit with a mission to the transform the lives of young girls through advocacy, education and empowerment. In her spare time, Aniyah enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking and binge watching! She is most compassionate about serving others.
Aniyah Watkins

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