2020: MARCH


A Genuine Climate Change

This week has sent the nation into areas we’ve never traveled before. Uncharted territory is what many have been saying. People aren’t allowed to go to work and are being asked to stay at home. Malls, movie theaters, and restaurants are closing their doors. But what has hit many homes here in America and even across the world is the closing of schools. Students and parents have now been thrown into the world of homeschooling, a real climate change.

As an educator, I thought this “new” would be a breeze. My husband and I work in schools every day and have been thrown into many difficult situations. Unbeknownst to me, this was a situation I was ill-prepared for. In all honesty, my first day was an epic fail. The night before, I had written out this entire schedule and felt confident in my mandated two weeks at home. We were going to get up and do our normal morning routine. My goal was to keep it as normal for the kids as I could. But when I woke up late on Monday, it felt like my entire day was now thrown off! By lunchtime, I was over it! My kids were asking questions about problems I knew they knew the answers to and one kid even told me they hated home school! I felt I wasn’t being successful AT ALL. It was a lot as I was still trying to figure a few things out for work, keep the kids happy, and now I had to feed them lunch! Whew!

Having my kids at home with me 24/7 this past week has been a major change. Yes, I’ve had to send them to their rooms and even myself for a break. Yes, I’ve yelled out of frustration. Yes, I’ve allowed them to just watch a movie. And yes, I’ve slept in and said forget the schedule I put in place. But this week has allowed me to just go with the flow, which is what we are all going to have to do these next few weeks or months! 

No matter if the kids sleep in, if they complete their work on time, or if they stay in their PJs, know this is new for all of us. A change in the way we’ve done things for most of our lives! The climates of our homes have changed for many of us, where we must work and teach our kids at the same time. Make sure you find balance and don’t pressure yourself. Take this time to spend with your kids, teach them something new, and have fun! Homeschooling isn’t all about “completing the work” but learning by making new experiences in an unorthodox way!

No regrets!

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Faythe Kamille Daniels

Faythe (Kamille) is a 35-year old mother of two. She lives in New Castle, DE with her husband of ten years. She is a member of Seeds of Greatness Bible Church where she is an active member working in various ministries. Faythe is a Certified Middle School Counselor at a Charter School in New Castle, DE. There she puts her God-given gifts to work as she helps young misguided souls with everyday life struggles. Faythe loves spending time with her family and has a deep passion for working with at-risk children.
She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from the University of Delaware and a Master’s in Education Degree from Wilmington University. Faythe is currently attending Wilmington University where she is working on three certifications that will augment her current career field. Faythe lives by the scripture Jeremiah 29:11, as she believes God has her life well planned and it will be all that she hoped for!

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