Learning to Love My Child His Way

I was standing in a bookstore while at a conference in Texas. I began browsing books and came across “The 5 Love Languages.” Now I have read this book, know my own languages as well as my husband’s. However, as I continued to look around, I saw “The 5 Love Languages of Children,” by Gary Chapman. I never knew that there was such a book, but knew it is so necessary. As I scanned the pages of the book, I noticed that I was unaware of my children’s languages. I specifically thought about my son, and realized that his language was physical touch, and it was not being fulfilled. I discovered that I had been neglecting this need and immediately was overcome with guilt. Many times my son would come and try to sit on my lap or cuddle, and I would not allow it. I am either tired or, to be honest, on my phone (shame on me). He always asks for hugs and kisses and sometimes I do not give them. I felt like a bad mother at that very moment and asked God to forgive me. I prayed that I would be more attentive to his love language and charged myself to do a better job in that area.  Raising children can be difficult, and I am not an expert, but I believe that knowing my son and my daughter’s love languages will improve the quality of our relationship, and ultimately how they will grow as a child. I urge you to read the book, learn your child’s love language, and put in practice those actions that will fulfill their need. I am excited to read “The 5 Love Languages of Children” and get a deeper understanding of how to love my kids!

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Faythe Kamille Daniels

Faythe Kamille Daniels

Middle School Counselor
Faythe (Kamille) is a 34-year old mother of two. She lives in New Castle, DE with her husband of ten years. She is a member of Seeds of Greatness Bible Church where she is an active member working in various ministries. Faythe is a Certified Middle School Counselor at a Charter School in New Castle, DE. There she puts her God-given gifts to work as she helps young misguided souls with everyday life struggles. Faythe loves spending time with her family and has a deep passion for working with at-risk children. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from the University of Delaware and a Master’s in Education Degree from Wilmington University. Faythe is currently attending Wilmington University where she is working on three certifications that will augment her current career field. Faythe lives by the scripture Jeremiah 29:11, as she believes God has her life well planned and it will be all that she hoped for!
Faythe Kamille Daniels

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8 thoughts on “Learning to Love My Child His Way

  1. Excellent article, I work with children everyday. Sometimes I am the only consistent face for them. I think the love language book for kids is a great resource for teachers. Many days before I can teach I am addressing and trying to resolve emotional stress. Kids just come and lay against me, or they give hugs, or they just want to talk. Once I respond and fill the need then I can teach. You are sensitive to the voice of God and desire to love your children the way God loves them. A heart for God is access to everything we need. Be encouraged. ❤️

  2. You are a great mother and the better half of the best couple I’ve ever seen. Even though my baby is 14 it’s not too late for me to change. Thank you for sharing and letting GOD use your revelation to help us all.

  3. Great article! I’ll definitely be recommending that book to all of my friends that have children.

  4. This is awesome!!! My heart is glad, you have an EXTRAORDINARY child on your hands and he is being molded into someone GREAT! One of the many things I love about children is how unconditionally they love and how resilient they are in their pursuit of happiness!

    Looking forward to the follow up on how you were successful in being intentional on acting out his love language(s) and how it benefitted your relationship. Continue to be the change you wish to see… Others are watching your example my dear friend!


  5. I need to get that book ASAP. Your son sounds just lik mine!! I often feel bad about not being more affectionate. That will change as of today. Great article

  6. What you have written has helped me to put a label on how I interact with my children. I have always been a student of human nature, and my fascinating children are no different. I would be interested in reading this book for affirmation or correction of what I am already doing with my girls. Thanks for the article. Beautifully written.

  7. I am purchasing book right now! Loveee this and I fully understand the feeling that you felt with that connection with your son. Sooo proud of you Faythe!!!

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