Morning Glory

Morning Glory why do you call on me so early dawn is not long away and I plan to rise with joy to be about my day

You call in the midnight hour to feast upon your majesty to choose between your radiance and those who are so dear to me


Morning Glory dawn is not long away then I’ll rise and with joy set out upon another day.

Don’t you know the one who lies next to me though soft and gently with starry eyes is no comparison to your splendor


Why do you ask me to choose by calling on me so soon

Can I not see the carefree stroll of a grand child’s first steps, the pride of an eldest son as he accepts a new bride or the joy of a granddaughter as she turns in her cap and gown

Oh! Morning Glory


Why must you ask me to choose so early

Why do you call for me in the midnight hour

As a young man I worked with my hands and traveled abroad to foreign lands and as a man of age I dream dreams still of conquering the prize at the end of each hard worked day. I lay in peace with my bride and in love caress the memories relived from our youth.

Morning glory none of these things are as splendid as you


Even though each is so very dear to me; why do you make me choose there is no comparison to GLORY


All that you offer how could I stay…

Oh Glory, I humbly choose you.

Ecclesiastes 3:2

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Shareda M. Rollins

Shareda M. Rollins

Shareda M. Rollins is a Kansas City, MO native, educator and writer of poetic praise; poetry dedicated to life as a Christian and varied experiences with the living God and his word. Married nearly 14 years, Ed shares her kingdom mindset, love of poetic praise and he is the father of their three beautiful children; Valerie our angel who joined our Lord in heaven in 2010, Victoria our sometimes shy, always eclectic 10-year old and Vaida, our baby girl whose personality and smile are infectious and seems to be loved by all who meet her. Together, we operate a Christ-centered entertainment company (4HISWILL) that provides an audience for aspiring or seasoned artist to have a live experience to test or perfect their talents.
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