A Parent’s Prayer

Children are God’s blessing to us and we would like to share our prayer with you. Use it to speak a vigilant blessing over the children in your life. Please modify as needed to meet your family’s size or gender needs.

Thank you for giving us such beautiful gifts to cultivate.

May we stay in everlasting love with you and until death love one another.

May you protect us from the enemy’s attacks and increase our territory and heart for you and your people.

As we raise (insert names) we speak the following over their lives:

May (I/we) their first love (s) lead them whole-heartedly to you Christ Jesus

May I/we not poison or compromise their affection for the word or its use

They shall have a heart for giving unto people and unto ministry

They shall have balance in every area of their life and not yield to any addictive habits or vices

Protect them oh Lord from all things ungodly and loose them from every possible generational curse or soul tie that may endeavor to attack them.

They shall have courage as a lion, wisdom of the ages, joy un-fathomed joy.

Their personalities shall be pleasing, gentle, and meek yet bold in creativity and higher thinking.

They shall have true friends sent from God to be by their sides for a lifetime

They shall keep themselves pure until we in agreement to give them away to their mate

They shall seek knowledge like the plants seek water

With their ears they shall listen and they shall hear, their tongues shall only be a weapon under your guiding and never to intentionally heart others

Laughter shall be like a daily medicine for them

They shall be accustomed to hard work yet require smart work of themselves and others

The shall learn to follow first and lead last for leadership is their natural ability

The greatest thing they ever build shall be accomplished with your love

They shall be a distribution center for information, finances and resources and their presence shall be felt on an international scale in Zion and in Rome.

The word of God, the holy Bible is the guide for which their life functions leading them to prosperity and they shall be prosperous at a very young age

Above all they shall win uncountable souls unto the kingdom of God and live under the tutoring of the Holy Spirit.

In Jesus name Amen!

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Shareda M. Rollins

Shareda M. Rollins

Shareda M. Rollins is a Kansas City, MO native, educator and writer of poetic praise; poetry dedicated to life as a Christian and varied experiences with the living God and his word. Married nearly 14 years, Ed shares her kingdom mindset, love of poetic praise and he is the father of their three beautiful children; Valerie our angel who joined our Lord in heaven in 2010, Victoria our sometimes shy, always eclectic 10-year old and Vaida, our baby girl whose personality and smile are infectious and seems to be loved by all who meet her. Together, we operate a Christ-centered entertainment company (4HISWILL) that provides an audience for aspiring or seasoned artist to have a live experience to test or perfect their talents.
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