Finding Blessings In Unexpected Places…

This day started like any other day. I got up, got dressed, went to work, had lunch, and was then called into the office by my supervisor to inform me that I was FIRED!  “WHAT” I thought.  What in the world are you talking about?  I just left a job that I loved to take this job that took 2.5 hours to get to work and almost 2 hours to get home everyday.  I left an amazing job for a job full of empty promises.  I was employed for 5 months and then abruptly let go.  What in the world was I to do now.  I had just brought a house and my dream car a Jaguar which I had just purchased 2 weeks prior, I hadn’t even received my first car payment yet.  Now I have No job, a mortgage, a new car, no savings, credit card debt and no hope.

I called my now husband on my way home and he said to me “It’s NOW OR NEVER”  He asked me how much of a severance package did I receive I told him 5 months worth.  He said “You have 5 months to make a business” what do you have to loose?  If it doesn’t work out you can always go back to being a secretary.

This was so unexpected.  I didn’t want it, nor did I like it, but what choice did I have.  So I began sending out contracts to my previous company that I loved so much, to host their client events.  Surprisingly they accepted my proposal.  I then reached out to one of the Vice Presidents that I use to work for.  She then sent out my information to her entire region and told everyone to hire me because I use to be “one of them” and she loved my work.  “Moodswings Eventz” was created and then later turned into “Lenee’ Valentine Weddings & Events.  That was 10 years ago.   What appeared to be a setup turned out to be a blessing in deep disguise.

As I just reached my 10 mark of being a self-employed entrepreneur.  I loved my life, and my job.  But then it happened again…

In the fall of 2015, God dropped in my spirit to create a company that focused solely on “Grooms” Not only did he tell me to start a company about Grooms but he also gave me pages and pages of services, ideas, vendors, and potential partnerships to connect with.  I remembered becoming so overwhelmed.  I was sitting in a conference where the focus of the conference centered around weddings, brides, florals, décor, floorplans and budgets.  But I then realized that in all of the conferences that I had attended there was no one there ever solely focusing on the groom.

For years I had planned weddings, social and corporate events.  I started to reflect back on every time that I planned a wedding.   At some point in the process the groom would always ask “What about me?” or “What about us?

As I sat in that conference those thoughts all came rushing back to me.  I was so excited that I excused myself out the conference and ran to call my husband.  I shared with him all the pieces of the puzzle that God had just revealed to me.  He had questions but thought that it was a great idea.  I had no idea how to begin to start this process so I prayed and asked God to give me guidance and he told me to wait.  I did, and then he started to reveal to me piece by piece, one step at a time.  I followed every instruction.

As I was quite nervous about the process, I just began to believe in what God had given me, so I stepped out on faith.

I’m always sharing with people to have that mustard seed of faith that Christ talks about, and now I had to practiced what I preached.

I believe that God is so much bigger than I could ever be.  He is my source and without him I believe that nothing is impossible.  So with this in mind, the walk of faith began.  I believe that Grooms deserve all the same attention to details for their upcoming wedding as their brides to be, therefore Grooms Matters Too was created to cater to every aspect of the wedding that the groom is typically responsible for:  the proposal, grooms attire, transportation, groomsmen gifts, grooming, special gifts for the bride, outing with the groomsmen, the rehearsal dinner and more…

Wow God has blown my mind again.  Who knew that I would be qualified to not only have 1 successful company but now be blessed with another one.

I was so excited to launch the new company and afraid at the same time, but I had to fall back on “God always knows exactly what he’s doing” He never gives us what we are qualified for, he gives us what HE QUALIFIES US FOR.  He knows our ultimate purpose and destiny.

I believe that nothing is impossible if you put God first.  He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we could ever ask or think.  Trust God, he’s never let me down, and he ALWAYS shows himself BIG to me.

God never shows you all the pieces to the puzzle.  He only gives you a glimpse into his desired purpose for your life.  I’ve learned not to ask so many questions; but rather ask “God where do you want me to be, and where do you want me to go” I trust him to lead, guide and direct me to the “who, when and where”.

Step out on your dreams I promise if he has birthed something in you, he is definitely able to deliver it, bigger and better than you could ever imagine.

Sometimes the unexpected that changes our lives is EXACTLY what we need!  Remember if God closes a door, rather than getting distressed and depressed know that Gods ultimate purpose is to position you for blessings & promotion.

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Lenee Valentine-Smallwood
Leneé Valentine-Smallwood is the CEO and Creative Director of Leneé Valentine Weddings & Events, a full-service event-planning firm. Her work has been showcased in various venues across the United States. With over twenty years of experience, Ms. Valentine-Smallwood is highly sought after for her event planning and styling expertise. Her creative eye, original designs, and professionalism have afforded her the opportunities to work with many local businesses as well as celebrity-level event designers. Her work has been featured in publications including: Munaluchi Bride, Preston Bailey’s Blog, Bombshells in Business, Home, Confetti, Style, Redefine, Two Bright Lights, Urban Style, Pretty Perfect Living, Party Style, You Mean the World to Me (UK), The Maven Bride, Showerbelle, Posh Bridal, Southern Maryland Weddings, Swan So Sweet, Mazel Moments, and LaBelle Africana, just to name a few. She has been invited to deliver keynote speeches on the importance of setting goals and living your dreams and has appeared on several occasions as a guest on Fox 5 DC. In addition, Leneé has recently launched her newest company called Grooms Matter Too®. The company was created from the philosophy that the groom’s satisfaction and enjoyment mattered just as much as his beautiful bride to be. The goal is to guide the groom along his new journey while assisting with all the wedding details that relate specifically to him and his groomsmen, for example: surprise proposals, rehearsal dinner, styling, groomsmen gifts, outings with the guys, transportation and more… In her free time, she loves to spend time with her friends and family. In addition, she enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and empowering people to live their wildest dreams.
Lenee Valentine-Smallwood

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