“If the Glove Doesn’t Fit…”

Recently, I watched the series, The People vs. OJ Simpson, which depicted one of the most infamous American trials. OJ Simpson was accused of murdering his wife and her friend. The prosecutors had what seemed to be an abundance of evidence against OJ Simpson. However, the piece of evidence that made them essentially lose the case was the glove that was found on the crime scene. During the trial, OJ Simpson was asked to try on the glove that was found at the scene and the glove did not fit. How could he have committed the crime if the glove did not fit? OJ’s lawyer closing argument had a catchy phrase, “if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” Should we completely disregard all the other evidence because the glove didn’t fit?

My parents’ vision for my future didn’t quite fit my plan. Growing up I’ve often questioned their parenting methods and promised myself that I wouldn’t parent in the same fashion. However, the older I became the more I understood the reasoning behind the “no’s” and the implementation of chores. Although their plans did not fit into my vision of how I should be raised, their plan was better to help shape me to be the woman I am today! So no, the glove didn’t fit, I wanted a new set of parents; parents that said YES to everything I wanted! Just because I didn’t agree with them at the time, it did not make them unfit parents! I learned to adapt with their rules and I am glad I did.

I always thought the plan I had for my life would fit perfectly into the plan God had for me. I was completely wrong; God’s plan was much more strategic to assist in my growth and development. God’s plan was better! If I had given up because His plan didn’t fit, I would’ve missed out on the many blessings His plan had to offer. We can be so quick to give up on God because His plan doesn’t seem to “fit”, but I encourage you to live according to His word to reap the many blessings. Too many times “Christians” intentionally disregard scripture because it doesn’t fit in with their lifestyle. The glove won’t always fit, but you must NOT acquit! You must trust in God’s plan. If the glove doesn’t fit, that means it’s time to renew your mind and adjust your attitude!

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Aniyah Liggins
Aniyah grew up in Fort Washington, MD. She discovered her calling into ministry when she was about 10 years old. Aniyah preached her first sermon at High Calling Ministries when she was 12. She loves teaching and learning about how we can draw closer to God! Aniyah is a former athlete, and studied Sports Management and Business Administration at Towson University. She currently serves at High Calling Ministries as a teacher for the Teen’s Ministry (Young, Save & Free) and interns for the Administration team. In her 22 years of life, she still has more growing and learning to do, and is constantly seeking new ways to expand her knowledge.
Aniyah Liggins

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  1. Parents, this is what you get when you train up a child according to the Word of God! The seed has been planted and it brings forth fruit. When you honor your parents, God will honor and bless you!

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