Darkness Has Forgotten

A pain like an avalanche it overtakes your heart!

Breathless. Motionless. Thoughtless.


Less because your lungs are designed to breathe life but your current existence is glaciered in


Cold like a polar ice cap
         crowned at the very tip of your mountain top
               you can no longer see the light

Blinded. Darkness has forgotten that light has come

When a heart feels tortured and held in captivity
          you awaken and don’t rise, smothered in yourself – forgotten

When the elderly live life lost among the living
          and serpents shed their scales only to be mistaken for angels – forgotten


When children create immoral, abominable, villainous acts instead of creating visions and dreams

When evil becomes a synonym for good

          “like God” becomes an obsolete portion of a metaphor

When you no longer meet under the cloak of darkness to dip strength from water among the stars
          nor turn ancient white pages sprinkled with blood stained ink

Oh darkness, you have forgotten that light has come

Your body no longer curves into a bend that forces you to become an altar for his praise

Fog exchanged panes with the sun, covering her horizon

         but his brilliance escapes by freedoms wind to move the unremembered gloom

See, darkness had forgotten that light has come

        Did YOU remember to be the LIGHT?

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Shareda M. Rollins

Shareda M. Rollins

Shareda M. Rollins is a Kansas City, MO native, educator and writer of poetic praise; poetry dedicated to life as a Christian and varied experiences with the living God and his word. Married nearly 14 years, Ed shares her kingdom mindset, love of poetic praise and he is the father of their three beautiful children; Valerie our angel who joined our Lord in heaven in 2010, Victoria our sometimes shy, always eclectic 10-year old and Vaida, our baby girl whose personality and smile are infectious and seems to be loved by all who meet her. Together, we operate a Christ-centered entertainment company (4HISWILL) that provides an audience for aspiring or seasoned artist to have a live experience to test or perfect their talents.
Shareda M. Rollins

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8 thoughts on “Darkness Has Forgotten

  1. Thank you all for your encouragement and reflections. Check back regularly to read my poems as well as the creative, informational works of others. Be blessed! #speaklight

  2. Grippingly startling!!.. Deeply powerful in awakening the “Sleeping Giants” that God has placed within us ALL!!..
    Love it Shareda❤️

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