Wind Chasers: Much Effort, Little Gain

Through modernization, customization, alteration and tailoring, Christianity is becoming more “liberal”. People are constantly trying to modify the written truth to fit the new trends of the world. Religion has become a term of the past due to the popularity and freedom of just being able to simply tailor your faith. It’s quite simpler to cultivate your faith to fit you rather than cultivate yourself to meet the standards actually written in the Bible. Those who do not care to transform to meet the standards of God are wind chasers; living pointless lives, with much effort and little gain.

All change is not good change. There are many cases where we blatantly disregard what God has told us to do because it went against our plans for our lives. We find ourselves trying to justify sin; the more you justify, the more you become a wind chaser and not a God chaser.

Wind chasers who waste time trying to make Christianity fit into their personal ideals completely miss out on the Christian experience. They miss out on blessings, because they are chasing after a god who does not exist. They are chasing their own perception of who God is, instead of reading their Bible to actually discover who He really is.

Attributes of the wind chasers:

  1. Controlling ~ They love to be in control of their own lives; despises being told what to do.
  2. Self-Centered ~ If it does not revolve around them, they want no part in it.
  3. “Know-It-All” ~ They have all the answers, seeking for help from the Bible or from a minister is almost always an afterthought.

On the other hand, we have God chasers, who truly seek God by allowing God to mold and shape them into what He would like them to be. Wind chasers fail to realize that there is no gain in what they are doing. Wind chasers are conformers. The Bible tells us to transform and to refrain from conforming to the ways of the world (Romans 12:2). At some point, we have to realize that the standards of Christ need not to be altered to fit your needs or personal preferences.  When you do things the right way, you save yourself time and energy. Don’t chase the wind; Chase God!

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Aniyah Liggins
Aniyah grew up in Fort Washington, MD. She discovered her calling into ministry when she was about 10 years old. Aniyah preached her first sermon at High Calling Ministries when she was 12. She loves teaching and learning about how we can draw closer to God! Aniyah is a former athlete, and studied Sports Management and Business Administration at Towson University. She currently serves at High Calling Ministries as a teacher for the Teen’s Ministry (Young, Save & Free) and interns for the Administration team. In her 22 years of life, she still has more growing and learning to do, and is constantly seeking new ways to expand her knowledge.
Aniyah Liggins

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