RHONDA’S PICKS are specially selected Christian movies and music appropriate for members of our audience. This quarter’s Picks are two Christian movies and New Music.

God’s Not Dead

God’s Not Dead revolves around the assignment of Philosophy Professor Raddison (Kevin Sorbo). Bitter from adverse situations that have occurred in his life, Professor Raddison gives his students an unusual assignment.  Each students is given a test paper and instructed to write God is Dead. Student Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) refuses. Due to this refusal he is assigned the task of proving the existence of God. Through a series of classroom debates with Professor Radisson, Josh skillfully and confidently defends his faith by clearly disputing the arguments presented by Philosphers throughout history.

Throughout the film we are given a glimpse into the lives of individuals who are wrestling with their faith or lack thereof. From the Muslim to the Buddhist to the Agnostic and Atheist, people are forced to examine their stance on the issue. Do I believe? Why do I believe? Who do I believe? What do I believe? These are the very same questions we all must answer daily.

In the face of possibly losing everything you have strived to attain, will you boldly proclaim, “GOD’S NOT DEAD”?

“For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:” Job 19:25

Coming to theaters April 1, God’s Not Dead 2


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COMING: April 1, 2016


William McDowell – Sounds of Revival

“We need your Spirit pouring out on us, Oh God we need revival stirring up oh God, We just want You!”

Psalmist William McDowell has just released his 4th Gospel project entitled, “Sounds of Revival”. The artist who brought us “I Give Myself Away” exhorts us to invoke the presence of God for revival in our personal lives so that it may then overtake the Body of Christ as a whole. For it is through the presence of God that the promises of God are manifested. He boldly declares,”It Is So!”

Walking in his prophetic gifting, once again William McDowell has released an album which speaks to the current position of the Body of Christ. In a time of chaos, we are called to implore for the “Spirit to Break Out” like a rushing wind. He reminds us that sometimes we have to sit before the Lord and declare that, “I Don’t Mind Waiting”. We rest in the assurance that Jesus will show up, and “When He Walks into the Room” a shift must take place. So as we cry out Lord, “Send the Rain”, we wait expectantly for a harvest understanding that “Rain Only Matters” to those who have seed in the ground.

So….sow a good seed everybody. Sow the seeds of worship, obedience, and love and watch the harvest of God overtake you!



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Rhonda L. Smith

Rhonda L. Smith

Currently Rhonda is a member of High Calling Ministries under the Pastoral Leadership of Pastor George W. Hawkins, Jr. There she serves as the Lead Instructor for the Ministers In Training Program (Phase I), and Intercessory Prayer Team Member. Prior to attending High Calling, Rhonda served for 17 years at Hope Church of God in Washington, DC under the leadership of Bishop Samuel L. McPherson, Sr. While at Hope Rhonda served as the Director of Youth Ministries. Rhonda was also the Youth Bible Study teacher and headed various evangelistic outreach activities. Rhonda graduated from Peirce College with an Associate in Paralegal Studies; Liberty University with a Bachelor in Religion; and is currently pursuing her Master in Religious Education from Liberty University. She has been employed at the University of Maryland for 20 years. Rhonda is a strong proponent of Godly entertainment. She strongly believes that what we feed the inner man, will manifest in the outer man.
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  1. Yes, love God is Not Dead and looking forward to seeing part 2. I love William McDowell new CD. I am blessed every time I listen to it. Did a great job with the reviews.

    1. Hi Aviance. William McDowell’s entire CD is great as usual. Thanks for your response, I really appreciate it.

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