GROW Your Leadership, GROW Your Effectiveness

Last Spring I completed a six-week course in the T.D. Jakes Emerging Leaders Institute. The information presented was not only eye opening for me but further confirmed my desire to train and develop others in the area of leadership excellence.

The financial investment to participate was significant for me (I have a toddler and an infant – those kiddos are expensive). I wrestled as to whether or not I could afford to participate. I very quickly realized there was NO WAY I could afford to miss this opportunity to grow in my leadership ability and effectively serve others.

Allow me to take a moment to ask, how important is your leadership development to you? What steps are you willing to take to invest in your development – financial or otherwise? Here’s a horrible mindset that needs to be DESTROYED – always looking for ways to get what you need for free. Let’s admit it; we all know someone like this and at some point in our lives may have even ascribed to this lazy mindset. However, when it comes to your leadership development, this mindset is not the way to go. The bottom line – as a leader you must be willing to make an investment in your personal development no matter the cost. It will have a profound impact on your leadership effectiveness.

In John Maxwell’s book – The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, the first law of leadership is the Law of the Lid; your leadership ability is the lid that determines your level of effectiveness. No one wants to follow a parked car. No one wants to follow someone who is stuck in a traditional mindset while living in a society where change is constant.

Coaches/Mentors – those you serve need you to consistently find ways to grow and develop your leadership influence. As you grow, you challenge those within your realm of influence to grow as well. Your growth will enable you to not only be effective at what you do, but also establish you as a credible resource.

Pastors/Church Leaders – look for opportunities to get outside of your comfortable circle and sharpen your leadership skills. It’s very important to understand that your church/ministry cannot grow beyond the “lid” of the organization. Your leadership lid will determine how far your organization goes and GROWS.

Leaders – remain teachable. Be intentional about expanding your influence. Make a commitment to invest in learning opportunities that will help you serve others in the spirit of excellence.

GROW Your Leadership, GROW Your Effectiveness!

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Towanda Coles
Towanda Coles is a native Baltimorean with a passion for teaching and developing Servant Leaders to serve in the spirit of kingdom excellence. Towanda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Bowie State University. She is a proud wife and mother and resides with her family in Baltimore County. Towanda shares her thoughts on leadership at Connect with Towanda online via Twitter @TCInspires and on Periscope @TCInspires.
Towanda Coles

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