“The Shack”

The Shack


2017 ‧ Fantasy/Drama film  –  2h 12m

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Based on the USA Today best seller by William P Young, The Shack tells the story of a man who seems to be stuck in life after a tragedy strikes his family. Through the use of metaphors, Young explores the questions many people ask: Why is there death? Why do bad things happen? Where is God is the midst of it all? In order to finally heal, Mack Phillips (Sam Worthington) has to go back to the place where he lost all hope…The Shack.

The metaphors will cause questions as to whether or not it is Biblically sound. Many of the metaphors gave me theological pause. Yes, I was ready to leave the theater. But once I decided in my mind that this is not a Biblical movie, just a movie, I was able to focus on the message that was trying to be conveyed. It will raise theological questions. Be prepared. Adults and children alike will look for answers.

Once one moves beyond the theological issues, The Shack’s overall message was thought-provoking. It showed how one must go back to the place of brokenness in order to heal and move forward. “To prepare the ground, you must dig up the roots.” Only through a clear understanding of the love of God can “we take our eyes off of the pain and focus on Jesus.”

The Shack attempts to help us understand that sometimes things happen in our lives, “where the darkness we feel surrounds us is actually what’s going on inside of us.” It is at those times that we need to take a trip to the shack. Whether it’s a figurative shack (Psalm 91:1) or an actual trip alone in the mountains in…a shack. Time alone with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit… it is there you will find help, healing and wholeness and there…we can “let the healing rivers flow.”

If you don’t get anything else from the movie, understand this: “Although it cost God everything, He judged us worthy of love.”

*All quotes are actual quotations from the movie.

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Rhonda L. Smith

Rhonda L. Smith

Currently Rhonda is a member of High Calling Ministries under the Pastoral Leadership of Pastor George W. Hawkins, Jr. There she serves as the Lead Instructor for the Ministers In Training Program (Phase I), and Intercessory Prayer Team Member. Prior to attending High Calling, Rhonda served for 17 years at Hope Church of God in Washington, DC under the leadership of Bishop Samuel L. McPherson, Sr. While at Hope Rhonda served as the Director of Youth Ministries. Rhonda was also the Youth Bible Study teacher and headed various evangelistic outreach activities. Rhonda graduated from Peirce College with an Associate in Paralegal Studies; Liberty University with a Bachelor in Religion; and is currently pursuing her Master in Religious Education from Liberty University. She has been employed at the University of Maryland for 20 years. Rhonda is a strong proponent of Godly entertainment. She strongly believes that what we feed the inner man, will manifest in the outer man.
Rhonda L. Smith

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