I told my grandmother I would grow up to make something of myself,

and that’s why I’m here today…doing poetry.

Knowing that she can see me from the close, yet distant heavens above

I told her that I would always walk in love and make sure I shared that with you guys.

And so I will.

She would want me to encourage you, not discourage.

She wouldn’t want me to stand up here and bury you with all of the negativity statistics  about what we don’t do do, but rather share with you that of which we do do.

Get it?  “Do-do?”

And you can go ahead and laugh, there’s nothing wrong with that because laughter, is good for the soul.

And my goal, has always been to spread joy, to the people.

My people.

How amazing are we?

Much more than the ear can hear or the eye can see, but from what I can see,

we are one of God’s greatest creations.

Made in the image of his greatness, he put forth no sorts of limitations

therefore allowing us to explore that which makes us creative, and just, amazing.

Amazing like our strong will.

Or amazing like our ability to heal, even when the wound seems to be bigger than life itself

because life itself is amazing, just like us.

I’m talking, finding a $20 dollar bill on the curb type amazing, or

an unexpected, early exit from work type amazing, or

finding that color that goes just right with your style type amazing, or

witnessing the birth of your child type amazing, wow.

Now that, is amazing, just like us.

But sometimes, we forget just how amazing we are.

So as we aim for the moon we will, settle for the stars

because all of sudden we feel like we can’t deal.

Like we forgot that we were given a life, and that life could sometimes get real,

but chill….

With all of the blessings bestowed upon you, I’ve been sent here to simply remind you

just how amazing you are.

How God etched you into this wonderful work of art.

So repeat after me: I am kind. I am important. And I am smart.

But see that’s just the start.

As cliche as it sounds, that movie line could be the spark to help someone unlock their true potential.

And it’s important for us to believe in one another because, half of the battle is in the mental, it’s just that simple.

And yes it’s true.  We are humans.  So we can fall short of the glory.

But that doesn’t mean we should close up the book and that’s the end of the story

because, there’s another chapter.

And what comes after, is life, love, and the pursuit of eternal bliss.

And if you don’t remember anything I say, please, please remember this:

You are kind. You are important. And you are smart.

You are one of God’s many works of art; whose uniqueness will always set you apart.

And that, is what makes you, amazing…

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James C. Daniels III
James C. Daniels III, PhD is a father of two, and husband hailing from Toledo, OH. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Delaware, a Master’s Degree in School Counseling from Wilmington University, and Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership. Now residing in New Castle, Delaware, James has been Youth Leader for Students With A Testimony at Seeds of Greatness Bible Church for the past seven years. Professionally, he works as an Assistant to the Principal at an alternative school in Wilmington, Delaware. James firmly believes in Matthew 7:1-2 and was even compelled to name his small photography and videography business based on it. He believes in freedom of expression through the arts, and encourages all youth to creatively let their voices be heard.
James C. Daniels III

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