Shed the Guilt

“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” (Rom 5:8)

How many times have we said, “Lord, please forgive me, I won’t do it anymore,” but then go back and commit the same trespass again?  How often have we said, “It’s no use, I can’t do this anymore?”  I’ve failed God too many times to count, yet He always continues faithfully to wake me up each morning, give me His breath to breathe, His energy to work, and His strength to continue one more day.  Each morning when I wake up I say, “Good morning Father, Creator of all, giver of life; good morning Lord Jesus, big brother, Savior and Deliverer of my soul; good morning Holy Spirit, Comforter, Teacher, and Guide. Help me to do what is pleasing in Your sight today.”  Then out of bed I roll to do my daily devotional, pray about the day and move on.  Somehow, throughout the day, I miss hearing His voice; I miss His gentle nudge to be more patient, to be more kind, to keep my mouth shut instead of responding.  Then I go inside myself, feeling shamed that I asked Him for peace, then didn’t accept it when He offered, instead choosing to fight my own battle, and being defeated.  Some days, it works well, and I rejoice in Him.  Other days, like today, I get down on myself having reprimanded my child with a “now I know how God feels when all I do is ask Him for more, looking for the next blessing, when He’s just given me a great breakthrough” thought.  In the midst of it however, the Holy Spirit gently reminds me, “while [you were yet a sinner] Christ died for [you]!”  Today I have a heart of repentance; tomorrow I may get caught up in my own selfish agenda, then have to repent, not having crossed my “t’s” or dotted my “i’s.”  Either way, God’s great love continues to sustain me.  Not by way of excuse, but understanding that if I could be good enough to do it on my own, Christ wouldn’t have had to die for me.  Shed the guilt of not having done it right, and embrace the freeing peace that comes with repentance to a God who forgave you when you didn’t realize you needed to be forgiven.  Let Him restore your peace and joy today!

“Father, help me to daily remember, that while I was still in sin, not thinking about You, You came to earth as Immanuel, God with us, to show me Your great love, then died on the cross to redeem me to Yourself.  Help me to remember that if You did that for me then, how much more You will love me and show me Your great mercy, since I am now Your child.  Help me to ever thank You and maintain a heart of repentance toward You.  In the precious Name of the Lord Jesus I pray, Amen.”

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Minister Tracey Cleveland

Minister Tracey Cleveland

Minister Tracey Cherry Cleveland is the youngest of five children born to William and Reatha Cherry in Philadelphia, PA. She was reared in a home full of music and the Word of GOD. She has been singing and playing the piano and violin since the age of seven, and accepted JESUS CHRIST as her personal LORD and SAVIOR at the age of ten. She has been gifted to teach, counsel, and exhort others from the Word of GOD both formally and informally. She received her certification in Biblical Counseling from the Christian Research and Development Institute in Philadelphia, and a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling from Faith Bible College & Seminary in Washington, D.C. She has served in various capacities throughout her Christian life, including Sunday School Superintendent, Bible Study Teacher, Instructor at Bible College, Minister of Music, Choir Leader and pianist. She is an anointed worshipper and is part of the Worship Arts Ministry and Ministerial Staff at First Church of Christ Holiness, U.S.A, under the Pastoral leadership of Elder Dr. Ralph A. Martino, Sr. She is married to her Boaz, Wilbur Cleveland, and they have one daughter and two sons.
Minister Tracey Cleveland

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