Grace Sufficiency

Jelly donuts. Sweet fried dough is good enough on its own, right? But when you add the jelly, with it’s unique sweet flavor in the middle of that fried confection, the experience cannot be compared to any other dessert experience. Or the breakfast experience, if that’s when you like your jelly donuts.

Believe it or not, we all have a little area carved out in our being that’s suitable just for God. We fill that area with all kinds of things, trying to come up with the perfect recipe for our lives. But the missing ingredient will always be God. Why? Because the recipe for our lives is His. We each have a special twist in our recipe, but His filling pairs perfectly with each of us.

That area that is meant for God in our lives is the keyhole to access the portion of scripture that says, “My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Weakness in this sense refers to a lack of something. As humans, we lack a lot of things. But when we allow God to take residence in us, He fills any void. He makes us greater than we could ever be without Him. The key is believing that what God adds to our lives is more than enough and more than capable of perfecting our lives.

Someone might say, “Well God didn’t perfect the last thing in my life.” Loss and failure are hard things. They are baked into this life. The Master Chef God, in His executive gourmet kitchen, is aware of all things that go on and He kneads our doughy, complex lives until they are ready to be put on display in the place called Earth.

God is ever present, His son always defending us, His Spirit forever coaching us. Together, they are Grace and they are enough to fill the spaces in our lives. So take that leap of faith that your heart longs to take and let God be the strength that extends your leap into your promise. Take that next breath and choose to survive, because when you exhale, He will be with you, still perfecting you, still in love with lump of dough He uniquely flavored. Our lives are so much sweeter with Him, than without. Believe that, and His grace will be sufficient for you.

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Florencia Robertson
Florencia C. Robertson is a devoted wife and working mom who has authored 2 blogs focusing on the functional application of the 31st chapter of Proverbs and the daily rush hours for working families of 5-9am/pm. She aspires to complete her first fictional book in the near future. Her previous works can be found at You can follow on Twitter @byFlorencia. Florencia is a native of Maryland and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Florencia Robertson

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