“A Junkie State of Mind”

People of God

We have been robbed

We are the VICTIM

…of embezzlement

Press charges!

Against one that I used to call my friend


Life turned out

Mind set a blaze


She whispered in my ears and stole my joy

Shouted across the room and stole my time

Laid beside me and stole my commitment

Worked with me and stole my vision

Kissed me and stole my heart –

breaking it over and over again

Gambled with my life and stole peace and prosperity


And to top it off her presence injected me with timidity.

captive. a junkie of the sorts. left overdosed.






a harlot

a whore

a petty thief

…became my friend

…then took my down from within


Fear is a master thief

A capped crusader

An avenger of the dark


He entices you with envy

He tranced you with spite

He gallops all around your success all high

then pummels you in a fight


If we are not careful

we soon call him friend

Inviting him to dinner

Introducing him to family and friends


Don’t let Fear embezzle from your life

Let Jesus redeem you

from Fears evil plans

while there’s still time to freely let him in


You are not a victim!

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Shareda M. Rollins

Shareda M. Rollins

Shareda M. Rollins is a Kansas City, MO native, educator and writer of poetic praise; poetry dedicated to life as a Christian and varied experiences with the living God and his word. Married nearly 14 years, Ed shares her kingdom mindset, love of poetic praise and he is the father of their three beautiful children; Valerie our angel who joined our Lord in heaven in 2010, Victoria our sometimes shy, always eclectic 10-year old and Vaida, our baby girl whose personality and smile are infectious and seems to be loved by all who meet her. Together, we operate a Christ-centered entertainment company (4HISWILL) that provides an audience for aspiring or seasoned artist to have a live experience to test or perfect their talents.
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