The Wonder of Christmas

I could hardly believe my eyes. My breath clouded the department store window as I pressed my face against the glass and strained to see the life-sized figures of the display. The dazzling lights, the beautiful colors, the halting movements of automated animals and people; everything seemed so real. The

When Loving You is Killing Me

As a girl, I wondered why some couples seemed so happy while others seemed to be sort of stressed out. As a casual observer, it never occurred to me how labor-intensive relationships were. As I matured I understood the dynamics of people working together in team sports and eventually in

She Shall Prevail Against An Unrelenting Opponent

I was shocked to hear the news!  Remission was achieved from the initial bout of cancer but growths recently appeared on other organs. The hiatus was for more than five years! The healing cure was legitimate. All of the tests were conclusive. Remission achieved; tumors dissolved. What could this be? Spots?

A Moment of Silence

It is very challenging living in a community. The hubbub of constant chatter, phones ringing, individuals vying for my attention, competing priorities, and personal preferences.  There are hardly enough minutes in the day to accomplish one of the items on my to-do list. Yet I am expected to maintain a