She Shall Prevail Against An Unrelenting Opponent

I was shocked to hear the news!  Remission was achieved from the initial bout of cancer but growths recently appeared on other organs. The hiatus was for more than five years! The healing cure was legitimate. All of the tests were conclusive. Remission achieved; tumors dissolved.

What could this be? Spots? Tumors? Whatever! Jesus purchased healing through His suffering, death, and resurrection. The healing will materialize in her body.

We had been stricken around the same time. Both had seen the miracle working power of God. Now my mind reeled at the thought of another scrimmage with death. I caught my wandering thoughts; brought them under control and focused on the triumphant resurrected Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 10:4 & 5).

“Desperation is not her portion,” I told myself. “She is created in the image of God. Her body functions with the precision and accuracy of the Divine Design. Her body will heal itself from the inside out” (2 Corinthians 4:16). Jesus healed her before. He will heal her again.

Time passed. Time, the weapon of the unrelenting opponent. The passing of time created sobriety in my soul. Negative thoughts, feelings of self-pity, fear, anger, and jealousy tumbled through my emotions.

In reverie, I envisioned the familiar decline. Once again faced with the valley of the shadow of death, dark shadows, which loom largely, would cast their grey parlor on her skin. Weariness would overwhelm her and strength would ebb away.

In a ray of daylight, I saw a figure standing with shoulders hunched up and head bowed, and I could see that defeat was imminent. The fingers of death reached out.

Suddenly, the sound of praise split the grey mist of death. “When CHRIST got up, the sting of death was gone.” Another voice whispered softly, “Help Jesus!” As God’s peace distilled like dew, the figure’s back straightened, head lifted, and arms and hands rose into the victory pose.

I wonder how many scores of times this scenario plays out. I can say that the unrelenting opponent does not have quitting sense. Reports of the death of others continually remind one of their mortality.

Fighting to maintain a position of victory can be unnerving. You are not alone. When in a similar situation my loving family, HOPE family, sons, daughters, and friends of the ministry around the world stood as sentinels bombarding the unrelenting opponent. Like me, Indeed, She Shall  Prevail!

Five Suggestions
1.  Face the facts about the situation.
2.  Embrace the truth of God’s word.
3.  Remove negative influencers.
4.  Boldly ask Jesus and others for help.
5.  Expect the circumstances to change.

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Dr. Vivian M. Jackson
Dr. Vivian M. Jackson passed from this life to glory on April 2, 2018. Dr. Jackson was the President of The Marriage Doctor, a marriage counseling ministry where she assisted couples in developing strategies they were willing to implement to build strong relationships. Married for 38 years and the mother of two adult children, Vivian practiced the craft of being married on the anvil of experience with Biblical principles as her guide. Affectionately known as Dr. Vivian, she spoke at conferences and hosted workshops around the nation. She was the First Lady of Hope Christian Church and the International Communion of Evangelical Churches.
Dr. Vivian M. Jackson

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