Learning is the foundation of life. Each and every day is a new opportunity to learn, to grow, to inspire, and to teach. Failure and growth stunting comes from making a conscious decision that you no longer want to learn. We should be mentally prepared to learn and make a point to learn new information every day! The hunger to educate will allow you to reach unbelievable heights. Time and time again, I have watched people give up on their desire to learn and it’s heart breaking because you know they will never reach their maximum potential. No matter how old you are or how much information you can retain, you will never know everything. We were designed to learn as we live; it’s a continuous process that should never end.

We decide that we no longer want to learn when we stop reading and we intentionally tune out those who can teach us something new. For example, having the mentality that the age of a person is a determining factor on whether you can learn from them or not. A 65-year old can learn from a 10-year old and vice versa. Everyone knows something you don’t know! Age does not play a factor.

Tips for how you can learn intentionally everyday

  • Ask multiple questions every day and don’t rest until you find the answer
  • Read an article or book while consuming meals
  • Find time to let your imagination go wild and just write! Great way to learn about yourself
  • Discover your learning style-what’s the best way for your brain to retain information

Every day is a new opportunity to equip yourself with new found knowledge. When we are no longer in school, learning opportunities look more like having coffee with a wise person and just listening, reading a book, watching informative clips, etc. Just because you’re not going to a classroom, doesn’t mean that you are done learning! Never lose your appetite for learning, if you do, you are only losing out on precious opportunities. Intentionally start your day anticipating all of the things you will learn and end your day recapping on each thing you learned.

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Aniyah Liggins
Aniyah grew up in Fort Washington, MD. She discovered her calling into ministry when she was about 10 years old. Aniyah preached her first sermon at High Calling Ministries when she was 12. She loves teaching and learning about how we can draw closer to God! Aniyah is a former athlete, and studied Sports Management and Business Administration at Towson University. She currently serves at High Calling Ministries as a teacher for the Teen’s Ministry (Young, Save & Free) and interns for the Administration team. In her 22 years of life, she still has more growing and learning to do, and is constantly seeking new ways to expand her knowledge.
Aniyah Liggins

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