Life Without God

When we go through life without God, it is like walking on a pitch-black path filled with hidden dangers that you cannot see. You are going to end up falling over things, bumping into stuff that you did not know was there.  When you fall to the ground, you do not know what you may hit on the way down. Nevertheless, thanks be to God for sending a light to us that we may be able to see the hidden dangers of some of the paths we decide to take in life. This is for sure, having Jesus in your life definitely will show you some things that people that do not have Him cannot see, and that is what amazes me.  You can attempt to live your life doing it your way, but will suffer the shame when your life ends.  At judgment, no life works will be worth a dime because you lived a life without God.

I have seen God protect and guide my paths on countless occasions. God has never failed me yet! So let’s receive the light of God through His Son Christ Jesus so we can avoid the hidden dangers the devil puts in our paths and tell us that there is no harm in it. I pray that you are not living a life without God.

“And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them.” (Isa 42:16 KJV)

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Christopher A. Smith, Jr.

Christopher A. Smith, Jr.

Christopher is an accomplished transportation operator for a company in Yorktown, VA. He also serves as a dairyman, a vocation that he loves deeply since childhood. Christopher holds a Heavy Vehicle Technology certification from Advanced Technology Institute. His passion for trucking is the springboard for his dream to acquire is own trucking company, which he plans to share with others as a “dream come true.” Christopher’s ultimate goal is to be all that God wants him to be and nothing less!
Christopher A. Smith, Jr.

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