The Season of Transition

Fall is one of the most favorite seasons of the year. It is a time for children to transition back to school/college; we transition our wardrobes from summer to fall/winter; some transition to new jobs; some of us are transitioning from middle-aged to senior life; and there are those of us who just need to let go and move (transition) on. Fall is a great time to prepare physically, spiritually and mentally for The Season of Transition.

In this Edition, you will read powerful illustrations of transition penned by our authors, such as:

  • the beautiful metamorphosis;
  • transitioning from “hidden figures” to “public testimonies;
  • embarking on a new redesigned you;
  • embracing the difficulties of transition;
  • leaving the zombie life to take on a fearless leadership role;
  • preparing our spirits for times of change;
  • the shifts in family dynamics; and
  • recognizing fear as a master thief.

This social media platform allows our authors to be creative in their approach to themed topics that enlighten, inform and encourage you, the reader. I stand in awe how within each Edition, God births powerful messages from each author, granting them wisdom and inspiration.

This Edition is very special to me personally. I am excited to announce that my husband and I are about to embark on a journey that will result in some amazing changes ahead. In this season of our lives, we are grateful to God for allowing us opportunities to travel abroad. In December, we will transition/move (for approximately three years) to England, United Kingdom as a result of my accepting a new position with my employer. This transition will be a chance of a lifetime that we do not want to miss. We will develop new and lasting relationships and become engrossed in a new culture of living, eating and worshipping.

As we embrace our season of change, consider how God can take you to the next level of pursuing your goals, passions, dreams or heart’s desire. This indeed is The Season of Transition.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” (Ecclesiastes 3:1, KJV)

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Florence R. Smith
Florence R. Smith is a self-motivated professional skilled in directing and organizing tasks to achieve overall mission objectives. She has been employed with the Federal Government since December 2004. She serves in many capacities within the Gospel Spreading Church of God. Florence has a Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters in Technology Management, both from University of Maryland University College; and a Master of Strategic Studies Degree from the U.S. Army War College. She is a published author and owner of Teachable Moments Press, a Christian publishing company. A woman with a message of hope, encouragement, and inspiration, Florence will leave you motivated and inspired in fulfilling your purpose!
Florence R. Smith

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