My industrious father was a man who became very familiar with using what was available.  As a self-taught (thrust into the job) farmer, he had little resources, but used what tools he had available to till the land, grow crops, milk the cows, and feed and care for his wife and children.  He launched out into the deep, reaping the benefits of God’s grace and mercy to become a well-established farmer – using what was available.

Happy Father’s Day to all who take on those responsibilities of loving, providing for, molding, shaping and developing their children to become productive contributors to this society – using the resources you have available.  May God’s grace suffice and fill every need existing in your life.


Elder Jerry Woods goes into full transparency of how, through his pain, God’s Grace is Still Sufficient for him.

Keona Ellerbe gives us a handful of thoughts to ponder as she relays the importance of using one of the most critical tools in your toolbox – LOVE.

Florencia Robertson arouses our sweet tooth suggesting the sufficiency of God’s grace is more than enough!

Using what’s available stretches you to trust God to fill your voids.  We pray His grace and the tools you have available will sustain and strengthen you to accomplish life’s everyday challenges and needs.

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Florence R. Smith
Florence R. Smith is a self-motivated professional skilled in directing and organizing tasks to achieve overall mission objectives. She has been employed with the Federal Government since December 2004. She serves in many capacities within the Gospel Spreading Church of God. Florence has a Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters in Technology Management, both from University of Maryland University College; and a Master of Strategic Studies Degree from the U.S. Army War College. She is a published author and owner of Teachable Moments Press, a Christian publishing company. A woman with a message of hope, encouragement, and inspiration, Florence will leave you motivated and inspired in fulfilling your purpose!
Florence R. Smith

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