Your Purpose…Your Passion As we enter the fall season of this tumultuous year, we have the opportunity to reflect on whether we are accomplishing God’s plan for our lives.  One might ask, “What is my purpose?”  The answer can only come through a revelation from God. It is stimulating to witness the


The Courage to Trust... God has shown us favor in every aspect of this move to England.  I’m grateful for the courage to trust God with my entire life. This March Edition of TM Magazine marks our Second-Year Anniversary! Deriving from our theme for this Edition, our authors have divulged inspiring nuggets relating

Trust When You Cannot See

While driving on a British highway one Sunday evening, we encountered various elements of a wintery mix.  We saw the sun, snow showers, sleet and then gray clouds with what appeared to be streaming squalls of snow. A snowsquall is when gusts of wind turn a normal snowfall into a

The Season of Transition

Fall is one of the most favorite seasons of the year. It is a time for children to transition back to school/college; we transition our wardrobes from summer to fall/winter; some transition to new jobs; some of us are transitioning from middle-aged to senior life; and there are those of

Circling the Drain

Last month, I noticed this Facebook comment, “circling the drain”, which was made by a woman who was dealing with the pain of separation from her husband. That's such a deep thought when you think about the endless destination of a drain. An endless pit of no return. What a