The Core Truth

We all have a lot on our plate. I’ll admit that sometimes my life is overwhelming and instead of stepping up to the plate and “leading”, I’d rather retreat and let someone else step in to manage it all. It’s in those times of stress and anxiety that I have to remind myself of this core truth – GOD is working in me, giving me the desire and the power to do what pleases Him (Phil 2:13, NLT).

YES, GOD is working in me. {I really could stop right there}.

The truth is this, as we submit ourselves in service to the Kingdom of GOD, we MUST remember that at the core {the center of it all} it is GOD who is working in us. Yes there are times we will experience anxiety, frustration, fear and insecurity that will cause us to doubt whether or not we’re effective in our leadership positions. There are times when we’d rather not lean in and rely on the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the power offered to us to overcome leadership challenges, but we must ALWAYS remember that at the core – GOD is working in us and has placed within and around us the resources we need to accomplish His good pleasure.

The desire we have for service to GOD’s Kingdom is a desire HE gave us. No matter what’s happening around us that may cause us to question the reason we continue to serve, we must remember who we belong to and what He requires of us.

My encouragement to you is this – remember the core truth – GOD is at work in you. He has equipped you to accomplish every good work in your service to the Kingdom. During those moments of intense pressure, discouragement, stress and uncertainty, your leadership is STILL necessary. What you have to offer is vital to the Kingdom. Keep doing what you’re doing for His glory.

GOD knows everything we’ll encounter in our leadership journey. We’re not perfect and He doesn’t expect us to be. He simply wants us to remember the core truth.


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Towanda Coles
Towanda Coles is a native Baltimorean with a passion for teaching and developing Servant Leaders to serve in the spirit of kingdom excellence. Towanda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Bowie State University. She is a proud wife and mother and resides with her family in Baltimore County. Towanda shares her thoughts on leadership at Connect with Towanda online via Twitter @TCInspires and on Periscope @TCInspires.
Towanda Coles

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  1. Thanking God for the strength He gives. although I sometimes bleed, it is He who empowers me to continue to lead.

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