The Celebration is in Your Redesign

As we prepare to put Winter back in the box and dust off Spring, there is a countdown that begins in our minds knowing that warmer weather and blossoming flowers are right around that corner. I could never understand why folks would pick winter over spring or summer, especially in

The Power of Celebration

Reaching corporate goals, celebrating life, births or anniversaries; hey I'm sure you have partied with the best of them! Our attitude towards celebrations can easily become nonchalant or one of entitlement. It is easy to get into a routine of celebrating in the same manner year after year without helping

The Perfect Gift

Christmas has always been an exciting time to share gifts and love with family and people you know.  As a child, I never knew we were poor; each Christmas, the living room was always bursting with gifts everywhere.  Notwithstanding, it was 12 of us plus parents! My mother, Rita Sara Robinson