Jumped with Both Feet

Two years ago on March 4th, I jumped with both feet. Not a hop, skip…BOTH FEET! Some thought I was insane and others couldn’t understand when I told them that God had something more for me. What was it that God had for me? I wasn’t crystal clear, but I trusted what God told me. I often describe it as God sharing with me a preview of the movie that I was to play the lead actress. Yes, God gave me a glimpse into my future with a 40-second reel, and in that future, my purpose was on the other side of my comfort zone. Inside my comfort zone was everything society tells us we need; a six-figure government job, retirement savings, a degree, big house, nice car and a husband with a six-figure income as well.  Despite all of those things, I knew and more importantly God knew that there was more. Was I gung-ho about obeying the instructions that God had given me? Nope, not at all. When I was given the first set of instructions, I obeyed half. Yep, I did the part that was the easiest. Boy oh boy, did things begin to get hot from there. See, before God spoke to me about resigning from my position, things begin to happen at work that were unfathomable. I would pray on my way to work, sitting in the car before going in the building, in the elevator on my way to my floor and at my desk before I started working. Yes, I needed Jesus himself to sit on my desk to help me through the day. More so for Him to keep His hands on my mouth and to remind me to keep my hands to myself. I know you’re thinking; was it that bad? Umm, Yes, but God! God knew how much I could handle and despite the circumstances, I had more people watching how I would respond than I realized. As the fire began to get hotter, I asked God, “Why is this happening to me?” He very softly reminded me of His instructions and asked: “Do you trust me?” It was at that moment there was a feeling of peace that came over me that I couldn’t even describe. I knew it was time to leap.

Here’s why trusting God is important:

*He will make all the crooked places straight. Isaiah 45:2

*He knows what’s best. Romans 8: 27-37

*Our mind cannot contain ALL of what we are capable of doing. Proverb 3:5-6

*He will rebuke the devour. Malachi 3:11

Remember, God always keeps His promises. Just trust Him.

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Keona Ellerbe
Keona Ellerbe is a wife, mother of four children and on a mission to seek and serve God’s people. She graduated from Virginia State University with a B.S. in Pre-Med Biology. Served as a nurse for several years before transitioning into the Government. After almost a decade, she realized that she was allergic to bosses and fired hers. After leaving her job, she started Redesign of U to become the solution to breaking through mental barriers, to redesign individual lives. She’s an Author, International Speaker and Redesign Coach™. Keona is truly thankful and grateful to have found her calling to serve God’s people by empowering them to get off the carousel and design the life they deserve to live. For more insight on what I LOVE to do. Please visit www.redesignofu.com.
Keona Ellerbe

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